Grupa Pracuj grew its revenue by 19.6% and net profit by 51.9% in FY2018, news site WirtualneMedia reported.

The company saw revenue of PLN327.2 million ($83.3 million U.S.) in FY2018 – up from 237.1 million Polish zlotys in FY2017. These numbers include the company’s income from Poland (PLN318.1 million) and foreign markets (PLN9.1 million).

Grupa Pracuj’s net profit amounted to PLN67.2 million ($17.1 million U.S.) in FY2018 – up from PLN44.3 million in FY2017.

Grupa Pracuj employed 774 people and its long-term debt amounted to PLN69.5 million ($17.7 million U.S.) at the end of last year.

The company owns Poland’s largest jobs site, the applicant tracking system eRecruiter and leading Ukrainian jobs site

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