Jochen Kurz, director of product management at AutoScout24, Germany’s second largest auto site, spoke at AutosBuzz about the need to move from pull to push to increase lead conversion.

It’s hard for consumers to find the right car, but why?

The way cars are marketed has hardly changed in 100 years. Consumers used to find cars through detailed classified listings. The online experience now offers more features and filters but still the consumer has to do something, so it’s still the one-size-fits-all approach.

“We don’t think this is right because everybody has different needs,” said Kurz. “A move toward personalized offers and giving users help is important because there are many decisions to be made in buying a car.

“There are also more options. You can lease or subscribe but opening the range of options for users actually increases the work for consumers. We think we have to make the next step. The pull worked but now it’s time for the push so we can present the right car at the earliest opportunity.”

This can be dome through personalized offers, which can be can be automatically updated through common internet patterns.

“With the aid of technology and our team of data scientists – using big data, AI and machine learning – we can achieve this,” he said.

“Our strategy has been to find the right channel, create lookalikes and understand how consumers behave. We find synergies in other areas like real estate so we get insights into how a consumer may behave. This enables us to provide personal suggestions based on behavior, so there is no need to search anymore. This increases leads.”

“Secondly, we create an advertisement platform on social media to identify the right car for users based on our data. This has been successful in providing dealers with more leads and visibility, and has led to a big increase in traffic.”

“There are benefits for the consumer too. They come to the page, see the right car and have a quicker overall experience.”

“Looking at and studying the transaction helps us remove friction and makes online transactions easier to complete,” said Kurz.

“We want to get to the point where a consumer comes to us and finds the car they love at first sight. That is the aim.”

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