Naspers-owned horizontal OLX Pakistan will launch AI-powered price assessments of used-cars in the next six months, a company official told the AIM Group.

“We want to introduce transparency and safety in transactions,” Waleed Ibrahim, monetization manager at OLX Pakistan (LinkedIn profile) said. “This will be the first of its kind in Pakistan. We are working on it and expecting an introduction in the next six months.”

OLX has two thriving verticals in the country: autos and real estate. Its autos category has 50,000 active listings. With a plethora of price points a day, the upcoming system would ensure figures are in the right ballpark.

The new tool would complement an auto inspection service the marketplace launched last month. The pilot was launched earlier this year.

Car inspection is not something new to the Pakistani car traders. Autos marketplace has been offering the value-added service for quite some time.

“Our buyer-side offer is unique for we invest much to get our inspectors trained,” Ibrahim said.

OLX’s inspection team is ready to visit the customer’s location to conduct 200-checkpoint diagnosis from measuring paint thickness through elcometer to mechanical checkups. This costs a buyer Rs2,500 ($16 U.S.). The fee is little low at Rs2,000 for an inspection at an OLX center. A customer can pay Rs1,500 to obtain an auction sheet verification of an imported used-car. Auction sheet along with an inspection at home costs Rs3,500.

Ibrahim said CarPro is different from what used-autos broker offers from its bays nationwide. “We have 10-member inspectors’ team dedicated to OLX,” he added. “CarFirst inspects to buy cars. We do that to make sure a buyer is not ripped off.”

Customers, however, can obtain AN auto health certificate from anyone of the bays of CarFirst, which is a part of OLX.

OLX Pakistan started its journey almost a decade ago. It has been building its team of data scientists since it adopted a freemium model back in 2017. Regression models and in-house algorithms are the driving force behind its sales and monetization efforts.

Given its scale, the horizontal faces no direct competitor, but rivals for its key categories include, real estate marketplace and recruitment marketplace

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