Pracuj Ventures, a venture capital fund owned by Grupa Pracuj and partners, has acquired a stake in Wandlee, a company creating recruitment chatbots, for an undisclosed amount.

Wandlee was launched in 2016 to create chatbots that support customer service and sales processes. Over a year ago, the company started to develop chatbots and intrabots dedicated to the HR area, based on AI and natural language processing mechanisms.

Chatbots created by Wandlee are used by such companies as Orange, CitiBank, Allegro, Accenture, Nestle and Grupa Pracuj. Wandlee, as the only company in Poland, has established a partnership with Facebook in the area of chatbots, being in the elite group of over 40 companies from around the world.

Pracuj Ventures was launched in May 2019 to invest in HR and education-related start-ups. Funds available to the fund come from Grupa Pracuj, some of its shareholders and managing partners of Pracuj Ventures.

Grupa Pracuj operates — the most popular job site in Poland. It also owns the applicant tracking system eRecruiter, programming school Coders Lab, and leading Ukrainian recruitment platform

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