Seznam’s real estate site has launched Lead Generator, a new product for realtors. It lets them get in touch with sellers interested in selling their property on the site.

The site gathers leads by showing users on its main page a banner with a question whether or not they want to sell a property. Interested users have to fill out a form describing the property they want to sell and agree to be contacted by a selected realtor from their neighboring area.

Real estate agents can bid for a lead using Seznam’s proprietary bidding software. The one that offers the largest amount will get the lead.

SReality has tested its new product with 30 realtors since February 2019. It also found out from a survey that 6% of users visiting the site are interested in selling their property. In numbers it is almost 80,000 users a month. is the largest real estate vertical in the Czech Republic. Its main competitors are PriceTown’s and Mafra’s

The site saw 8.7 million visits in October, while counted 1.9 million visits and saw 1.8 million visitors, according to SimilarWeb.

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