AutoProff, the international b-to-b car-trading platform based in the Netherlands, has launched the offer of a guaranteed price on a sale. This guarantee price is not a bid, but guaranteed value in line with the market. That offers car companies extra security when trading in a used car.

“This offer is unique in the Netherlands. It is true that with other providers you can also agree on a minimum selling price, but if the car yields more when sold, the extra revenue disappears in the wallet of the intermediary party. With us, the additional revenue is also for the seller,” country manager Egge Selles said.

The trading platform issues the guaranteed price within 15 minutes of registering a car, based on the international market value. Even if this revenue is not achieved, the customer will still receive the guarantee price. “It can happen, that the yield falls short of expectations. If the guaranteed price is not achieved, we will supplement the difference. So, you really receive the agreed amount.”

We bring buyers and sellers together and create a safe environment where you can do business professionally with reliable parties. We are in favor of facilitating trade as well as possible. With the guaranteed price you have certainty in advance that you are selling the car for a fair price”

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