The No.2 Russia-based classified Youla launches a unique format of listing promotion, stories. Sellers will be able to publish images of their goods and services in stories and thus, stimulate users to subscribe to their profiles.

For instance, a hairdresser will be able to publish images of her works in addition to those available in her listing. These stories will be available for both her current subscribers and people who are located nearby. The latter will be able to subscribe to her profile and use her services later.

This service is aimed at growing Youla’s revenue. In 2018, it was more than one billion rubles, whereas in 2019 it is going to exceed two billion.

Stories are already available for Android users. As for iOS, this functionality is coming soon.

The service focuses on professional specialists and costs RUB99 a month, with an unlimited number of stories.

According to the test results, the conversion from views to sales is higher when a profile has subscribers as compared to the situations when users have no followers.

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