Russian internet giant Yandex has launched a new new recruitment classifieds called Yandex.Talents. Previously, Yandex’s presence in jobs was only through its job aggregator Yandex.Jobs, which amasses listings from all the major local recruitment verticals, such as SuperJob, HeadHunter,, and others.

Yandex stated that Yandex.Talants is a recruitment service focusing on jobs that do not require any special qualifications. In other words, it’s largely a site for entry-level, student and blue-collar positions. 

To find a vacancy, an applicant needs to answer chatbot questions. Then, appropriate listings are shown.

HeadHunter is the No. 1 recruitment vertical in Russia. The latest effort from Yandex is not a play for market leadership. The company is more likely dipping its toes in the market to see what available opportunities may arise.


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