Leading Czech real estate site Bezrealitky.cz has launched a property management service for investment apartment owners. The site offers complete property management, including a promise to secure tenants and guaranteed rent even if the property is vacant.

The new service is currently available only in Prague and the surrounding area. It is managed by an internal team of four rental and management specialists.

Leased and managed properties are exclusive to the site. According to Bezrealitky, this system will lead to faster rentals as well as enable the company to screen potential tenants using their user accounts and the Creditcheck debt control service.

Bezrealitky takes a 12 percent cut from the monthly rent paid by tenants to property owners. The fee also covers insurance, administrative costs and minor repairs.

Bezrealitky.cz is owned by PriceTown and competes in the Czech Republic with Seznam’s Sreality.cz and Mafra’s Reality.Idnes.cz.

In Aug., saw 1.8 million visits while Sreality.cz counted 8.2 million visits and Reality.Idnes.cz saw 1.6 million visitors, according to SimilarWeb.

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