Lagos-based premium real estate firm Landwey Investment has launched Zama, an agent-focused app designed to improve the property purchase experience.

The niche app will cater to high-net-worth clients in Lagos, with plans to expand to the rest of the country.

Zama is primarily meant as a sales app for agents, who tend to be more interested in selling properties than facilitating rents. The app is also banking on the profitability of property sales. These sales, which earn commissions of between 3% and 5% for local real estate verticals, comprise over 62% of their revenues.

An interesting feature of the app is its geo-tagging capabilities, which lets potential buyers find the exact location of properties through Google Maps thereby boosting credibility and trust.

The founder and chief executive officer for Zama, Abdulhakeem Sadiq who spoke during the official launch explained, “we reached out to Google to grant us access to a back-end API to edit their map and integrate it into our platform to literally put properties on the map. It was an investment we knew was necessary for the market.”

Landwey plans to secure exclusive listing deals with major property vendors with the promise of a more efficient system for connecting agents to available properties and quality leads. The app will also provide agents and data to advise clients and market their portfolio in a more professional manner. Zama also plans to provide support services, such as mortgages, to users.

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