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Alma Media has increased its ownership stake in recruitment company Kolektive.ba from 30% to 100% by purchasing the remaining shares from the company’s founders for an undisclosed amount.

Kolektiv.ba was established in 2001 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company has focused on the digital job market business, recruitment and HR consulting services, staff leasing and outsourcing services and temporary staffing services. It also operates Posao.ba, a leading job board in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2018, the company’s total revenue amounted to €1.8 million ($2 million U.S.) and it employed 40 people. The share purchase is subject to approval from local competition authorities.

Alma Media owns a variety of recruitment sites, including Monster.fi, Jobs.cz, Prace.cz, CV Online, Profesia.sk, Workania.hu, MojPosao.net and Monster.cz. In addition, Alma Media owns minority interests in recruitment sites in Serbia and Macedonia.

The Finnish company focuses on digital services and publishing and operates in several Nordic countries, the Baltics and Central Europe. The company is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

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