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Launched in 2018, Italian search engine Whuis is widely used by real estate agents looking to research potential buyers or sellers. The search engine advertises a solution to the industry’s problem with transparency, offering agents a way to avoid potential issues with clients.

Since its inception, more than 200,000 searches have been made on Whuis’ platform, 80% of them on individuals. Cross-referencing cadastral, financial and balance sheet figures, the site offers real estate agents immediate access to a pool of constantly updated data.

Currently, more than 2,500 real estate agencies and networks in Italy use Whius.com. The tool has become an important tool in the digital strategy of companies like Tecnocasa, a top Italian real estate brokerage, which operates around 2,300 agencies in nine countries.

“With the launch of Whuis’ app, we have been able to provide our agencies and affiliates with a tool that can measure the reliability of companies and individuals in a fast and simple way. Even more important is the fact that this database can be accessed anywhere and anytime, even when they are at the client’s house,” said Alessandro Caglieris, managing director of Tecnomedia Srl, a division of Tecnocasa Holding.

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