Facebook debuted its in-house payment system, Facebook Pay, in the U.S. this week, enabling in-app purchases and money transfers on Facebook Marketplace and Messenger

Over time, Facebook Pay will roll out “to more people and places, including for use across Instagram and WhatsApp,” according to a statement from the company.  

People have already been able to shop, send cash to other users and make charitable donations on Facebook’s platforms. The new system makes payments easier in a way that provides security for payment information, according to Facebook. 

In order to enroll in the system, customers need to initiate a purchase, payment or donation. They will then be prompted to sign up and enter a preferred payment method, such as a bank card. The system also accepts Paypal, Stripe and several other payment options.

Customers can activate Pay accounts on an app-by-app basis (e.g., just on Facebook or Instagram), or across the company’s full suite of social networking platforms.

When Facebook revealed its plans for Pay this past spring, a company spokesperson said the company was considering a fee for the service. However, at present the service if free of charge to consumers.

Businesses that sell on Marketplace already were charged a fee per sale to cover things like Purchase Protection, said Facebook’s Donna Brown. “With Facebook Pay, nothing is changing for businesses,” Brown said. “Businesses can receive payments for purchases from consumers as they would’ve before Facebook Pay.”

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