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LinkedIn will appeal its case against data scraper HiQ Labs to the Supreme Court, according to a court document filed last week.

LinkedIn has been fighting a legal battle against HiQ Labs in an effort to prevent it from scraping its website. LinkedIn revoked HiQ’s access in May 2017, claiming the company infringed on the privacy of LinkedIn users. However, HiQ said it only collected data that was widely available to the public, and won a court order to reinstate its LinkedIn access.

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the lower court’s order in Sept.

On Nov. 14, LinkedIn filed a request for a stay of that decision, pending its appeal to the Supreme Court.

HiQ is a human-resources consultancy that uses LinkedIn data to identify employees who are about to leave their jobs. It then resells this intelligence to employers.

The Ninth Circuit’s decision was seen as a qualified win for companies that scrape data from public websites. 

However, LinkedIn is banking on the fact that other circuit courts have ruled differently in similar scraping cases. LinkedIn hopes these disagreements will persuade the Supreme Court to hear its case against HiQ.

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