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Munich-based classifieds group Scout24 today announced a major rebranding that includes new brand logos and a new name for its real estate vertical, ImmobilienScout24, which will now be known as ImmoScout24.

In July, the company revealed plans to restructure and redesign its two main units — AutoScout24 and ImmoScout24. Once known as straightforward classifieds websites, the sites have grown over the past few years and now host a range of additional services. Their product portfolios now cover financing, evaluation, relocation services, online car purchases and car subscriptions.

“Last July, we decided to focus even more strongly on ImmoScout24 and AutoScout24,” said Scout24 CEO Tobias Hartmann. “With the new brand design, we are now consistently taking the next step and creating more independence and flexibility for both brands in their respective appearances.”

This redesign is the most comprehensive in Scout24’s history and will no doubt score the company brownie points with consumers. According to the company, the new design will add transparency and help consumers navigate the auto and real estate markets more clearly. It will be phased in gradually, with the entire process expected to be completed by mid-2020. A brief YouTube video (in German) offers a first glimpse of the new design.

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