Netherlands-based recruitment startup Youngones claimed to have achieved record year-on-year revenue growth, from 500,000 euros ($558,000 U.S.) in 2018 to 5.5 million euros ($6.1 million U.S.) in 2019. 

YoungOnes is a matching platform for temporary jobs in the hospitality, retail, logistics and event industries. The startup was founded in 2017 as part of the YoungCapital fund. 

Last year, YoungOnes made 50,000 matches between clients and freelancers, according to the company. YoungOnes says it distinguishes itself by its fast match times — the site takes an average of just four minutes to pair a freelancer with a prospective employee.

“We now have 13,000 verified freelancers on the platform, working for 1,150 active clients throughout the Netherlands,” says Pim Graafmans, managing director at YoungOnes. “An additional 300 verified freelancers are added every week.”

The company predicts that its revenue will increase by 300% to 16.5 million euros in 2020 and is eyeing international expansion.

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