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Tunto, a Finnish employer review site owned by Alma Media, has added over 6,000 reviews and almost 2,000 comments since it launched last March.

Tunto is part of Alma Media’s recruitment services and the Alma Markets business segment. Alma Markets operates a similar online service in the Czech Republic called Atmoskop.cz.

The reviews on Tunto are submitted by current and former employees ,as well as users who are familiar with a company. The service requires users to register before posting, but ratings and comments are processed and published anonymously.

Tunto complements user reviews with data on the employers’ finances and personnel. The company acquires this data through Alma Talent’s business information service.

Sanna Koivuranta, Tunto’s business owner, told the AIM Group that Alma Media plans to integrate reviews from Tunto into several Alma Media sites in order to help match match prospective employees with employers.

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