Hilda Kragha, CEO at Nigeria’s largest jobs platform, Jobberman, thinks recruitment marketplaces will struggle unless they deal with the underlying challenges of the employment sector.

“The biggest problem we have is getting accurate data. This factor has created a low-trust environment for employers,” Kragha said in an interview with the AIM Group.

Kragha is one of the guests at RecBuzz, which will be held in Amsterdam from April 23-24. Her talk will focus on how to build a successful jobs platform in Africa that looks beyond listings.

Hilda Kragha, CEO, Jobberman

Hilda Kragha

“Our employers did not have confidence in the qualifications of many candidates, which are often unverified,” said Kragha.

The solution was to add extra verification checks and tailored candidate tests. Jobberman works with universities, government agencies and NGOs to help candidates learn presentation and communication skills and build a resume.

The AIM Group interviewed Kragha ahead of her talk at RecBuzz:

What are the most urgent problems in the recruitment process?

The biggest problem we have is getting accurate data. We try and bring more data points to clients to improve this, at an affordable price.

To counter this we have introduced free personality and aptitude tests to measure candidate’s temperament and soft skills.

That way, employers receive more data to help them select the right candidate. The tests cover communication, personality and behavioural and competency based tests.

Which challenges are most pressing in your country/region?

Unemployment is a big factor in Nigeria. It’s over 50% for young people and nearly 30% overall.

We want to visualize the future of work in Nigeria. We are considering how to utilise the gig economy, a small but growing area. We recently launched a campaign, “hire a temp.”

It can take graduates five years to find a job. Temporary positions help them earn, gain skills and experience and hopefully then get a permanent position through our site.

Nigeria has many small businesses who want short-term hires to cover maternity or study leave. This would be a supplementary business alongside our core one. We expect some challenges, including charging different rates.

RecBuzz Conference - Register by March 6 to meet the early bird rate

RecBuzz Conference – Register by March 6 for the early bird rate

What disrupting forces are you seeing in the recruitment market today?

There is a big surge around testing, other competitors are launching products. This is because the education system doesn’t do a good job in this area.

There is a big shift taking place with offline recruitment companies moving online, launching their own internal job sites, realising they need an online presence.

Newspaper costs are still too high for most and younger candidates use smartphones to search for jobs. The competition will ramp up, but for now it’s mostly reactive efforts, scraping other job boards.

Who do you think will be the winners and the losers?

I think the scraping sites will be losers as they sell advertising space and candidates don’t have a smooth experience. They have to follow redirect links and it’s hard to see if a job is valid or genuine.

We started 11 years ago, so have a head start. Our jobs do not redirect candidates. This is important in a country with low trust levels of recruitment advertising.

I think the winners will be the innovators, who provide a good service at a low price. Budgets are often small, especially for SMEs, who make up the vast proportion of recruiters.

What will be the key themes and points in your presentation at RecBuzz? 

I will be talking about how to build a successful platform in Nigeria that looks beyond simply listings.

I’ll explain what goes into training jobseekers and how that provides long-term benefits for all and how we build good relationships with employers to increase their confidence. I’ll also look at the underlying challenges we face.

RecBuzz 2020

Hilda Krugha is the first in a series of interviews with speakers at the RecBuzz conference in Amsterdam from April 23-24. Krugha is CEO at Jobberman, Nigeria’s leading jobs platform, and was previously an engagement manager at McKinsey & Co.

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