Ga Technologies, a Japanese real estate business focused on tech, has appointed Hiroshi Tabuki as chief marketing officer and Akira Endo as chief development officer.

Established in 2013, Ga Tech owns and operates real estate marketplace, which provides home search, renovation, asset utilization and management services, and luxury rental classified Modern Standard.

Hiroshi Tabuki, chief marketing officer

Hiroshi Tabuki will lead the company’s marketing department and supervise service planning across the Internet and real world. Tabuki was promoted from his role as general manager of Ga Tech‘S product planning division. He joined the company in 2018 and previously worked at, which owns real estate vertical Sumaity.

Akira Endo will oversee Ga Tech’s development and is tasked with improving the development skills of engineers and accelerating the one-stop provision of services.

Endo also joined Ga Tech in 2018. He was promoted from his position as senior manager of the product development division.

Akira Endo, chief development officer

Ga Tech has been on an acquisition binge in the last few years. It acquired Modern Standard in December last year and, in 2018, purchased proptech company Itandi for $16.6 million U.S.

Ga Tech pulled in Y510 million ($4.7 million U.S.) for the 2019 financial year, which ended October 31.

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