Huishan Lim, general manager of Singapore-based FastJobs, a mobile recruitment app for blue-collar roles, thinks recruitment platforms must be prepared for technological disruption.

“We want to improve the app to incorporate new technology and help employers offer new products by focusing on training and development to help candidates get jobs,” Lim said in an interview with the AIM Group.

Lim, who develops job listings for FastJobs, is one of the guests at RecBuzz, which will be held in Amsterdam from April 23-24. Her talk will focus on adapting growth plans to real-world needs.

Huishan Lim, general manager, FastJobs

Huishan Lim

In Singapore, the government has invested in training and development to help candidates adapt for future roles.

“This could involve flexible work, which is becoming more acceptable and offers new opportunities for job boards,” said Lin.

“The question for us is, ‘how do we facilitate having flexible work in our business?’”

The AIM Group interviewed Lim ahead of her talk at RecBuzz:

What are the most urgent problems with the recruitment process?

Disruption affects all parts of our business and demands are changing. There is a bigger emphasis on finding the right skills set for candidates.

The perennial issue is finding the right talent but it’s also important to continue nurturing candidates after they join. The issue of future work is also important, to understand what kinds of jobs will be taken by technology and what type of talent we will need.

HR professionals need to look at future options. Automation can help lower some of the costs. When no-one knows what the future holds the key skill is adaptability.

Which challenges are most pressing in your country/region?

If automation takes some jobs we need to find alternatives with similar skill sets. This is difficult in Singapore because the pool of non-executive jobseekers is quite small.

What are the strongest disrupting forces you see in the recruitment market today?

Technology and automation and how to harness its power so you can focus on the biggest impacts to the business. HR professionals are being asked to come up with creative ideas. This involves pre-job training to build up the labour supply. Matching candidates to employers is the key.

RecBuzz Conference - Register today!

RecBuzz Conference – Register today!

Who will be the winners, who will be the losers?

The winners will be the companies who can adapt and abolish pain points.

Are you changing business activities as a consequence of disruption?

Yes, by enhancing existing products and improving candidate and recruiter matching efficiency. We show employers how to use our platform effectively to enhance their investment. How to use the data to see what rivals are doing, how they are hiring, what they are paying and what benefits they offer candidates.

We are looking at adding additional services for customers, but first need to understand how we can help them do things better.

What will be the key themes and points of your RecBuzz presentation? 

I will be sharing my experience and insights from Singapore and south-east Asia on how to adapt growth plans to real-world needs and how and why we are deepening our offering through training and flexible work options.

FastJobs gets good traction beyond Singapore with a simple, blue-collar focused product.  The increased demand led the management team to build out training and development as a new product.

We think there’s more to come. Flexible work is on the rise and creates further opportunities for new products.

RecBuzz 2020

Huishan Lim is the latest in a series of interviews with speakers at the RecBuzz conference, which will take place in Amsterdam from April 23-24. Lim is general manager at FastJobs, a Singapore-based mobile recruitment app. She has experience in digital product development and building e-commerce marketplaces.

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