The CFO of OLX-Brazil is recovering from Covid-19 after what he described as life-saving “intensive rehabilitation.”

Joel Rennó Jr., the CFO, posted about his experience with Covid-19 on LinkedIn. He urged people to be extremely cautious. In a moving and frightening full account of the case posted in a Google note, Rennó said he was rushed to the hospital after a sudden “super high-fever and a severe migraine” that clouded his vision. He said he’s “young, athletic [with a] very healthy lifestyle” with “no respiratory or pulmonary diseases and no chronic or pre-existing illnesses.”

Until the emergency, he had been asymptomatic. “For some unknown reason, the virus quietly skipped my nostrils and throat and went straight to my right lung,” he said. “I rushed into intensive care after having a sudden super high-fever and a severe migraine to the point of clouding my vision. Also a burning heat in my chest. Altogether. Simultaneously.”

Rennó said doctors had two options: immediate intubation, or treating him with a package of anti-Covid-19 drugs.

“I took a combination of two different intra-venal antibiotics — clavulin (clavulanic acid) and azithromycin — plus chloroquine and Tamiflu,” he said.

Rennó said the cocktail saved his life, bringing him from chronic pulmonary infection to stable in less than five hours.

“Covid-19 is not the end of the world. I made it thru. We’ll make it thru. For the vast majority of people, it will be a simple treatable flu; for some, like myself, it will be harsher,” he said.

Lessons for all from Rennó:

“Let’s now cut to the chase and do our part:

“- Do not panic. 

” – Follow the official medical protocols [stay @ home. Period. At least for now]

“- Don’t stock medicine other people need. 

” – No self-medication. 

OLX-Brazil, a joint venture between Adevinta and Prosus, has required its staff to work from home for the past week.

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