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Amid a countrywide shutdown, Danish job portal JobIndex said it’s seen a sharp downturn in job ads. Kaare Danielsen, the site’s CEO and founder, said that while he’s used to seeing fluctuations in job ad flow, the Covid-19 pandemic has upset the usual cycle.

JobIndex operates on a hybrid model, posting paid ads and aggregating listings from other Danish sites.

Denmark has been on lockdown since March 13. The country, which currently has around 1,700 confirmed cases of Covid-19, has taken drastic measures to prevent the spread of the virus, shutting down all public businesses, closing its borders, and prohibiting gatherings of more than 10 people.

According to Danielsen, the trends he’s seeing “probably applies to most of Europe (except Sweden).” In an interview with the AIM Group, Danielsen said that he believes Jobindex’s data could provide day-by-day insights on the effects of the virus on the recruitment industry.

Following in the path of many other companies, JobIndex has decided to suspend its projections for 2020. But Danielsen still sees some hope for the future.

“We expect the number to go up again when people get used to the new situation,” he said.

Sharp drop of job ads as Denmark close down

Number of job ads on JobIndex compared to the company’s expectations (Source: JobIndex)

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