What can marketplaces do right now to get through the pandemic? And what should they be doing for the long term?

The AIM Group is hosting a FREE virtual chat Thursday with ideas, suggestions and a conversation with your counterparts. Learn, share and ask. Thursday, April 2 — 3 p.m. Central European Time, 9 a.m. Eastern (U.S.) The session will be recorded if you want to watch later.

Join Jessica Stafford of Autotrader.com / KBB.com; Jonathan Turpin, AIM Group; Tolga Idikat, Emlakjet; Yusuf Reja, EthioJobs.net and Mike Orren of The Dallas Morning News for this interactive Zoom chat.

We’ll briefly review the strategies these companies (and others) are using to make themselves essential and move forward. Then we’ll have about a half hour to network, ask questions and brainstorm.

It’s free. Essential. Proactive. And you’ll be able to download a special edition of the AIM Group Marketplaces Report, “Covid-19: Practical steps” before or after the virtual chat. We’re publishing that special edition this week, and will make it available, free to all, as a service to the marketplace / classified community.

Register here for the chat: bit.ly/AIMGroupvirtualchat

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