Across the globe, recruitment sites have responded to a slowdown in hiring by launching support programs and initiatives to fill essential roles. In Myanmar, leading recruitment site JobNet is listing essential jobs for free, as well as organizing a virtual career fair in anticipation of increased demand.

For the next three months, JobNet will allow companies to post listings free of charge for jobs deemed essential or heavily impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. This includes healthcare, service industry and hospitality roles, the company said.

JobNet is also working with employers to launch a virtual career fair. The company’s hope is that an online recruitment drive will encourage employees to form connections that could lead to jobs once demand begins to increase.

“Hiring is among the first activities that companies reduce or put on hold when entering a crisis or economic downturn,” said Matt De Luca, JobNet’s co-founder and managing director. “Myanmar has been no exception, with many businesses promptly initiating business continuity plans and looking for ways to reduce operating costs where needed.”

Covid-19 hit Myanmar comparatively late — the country reported its first case on March 23 and has only 85 confirmed cases.

“While Myanmar has been one the last countries in the world to report its first cases of infection, we have followed very closely the transition of most countries and businesses as the crisis unfolded,” a JobNet spokesperson told the AIM Group.

That relative lateness also allowed JobNet to prepare for the impact of the pandemic. The company was able to restructure to a work-from-home setup in less than a week, as well as begin work on community-focused initiatives. And while the site has seen a decrease in listings, JobNet says it has the financial backing needed to weather the storm.

JobNet is the No. 1 recruitment site in Myanmar with over 600,000 monthly visits, according to SimilarWeb. The company also offers a variety of recruitment tools for employers, including a talent CRM platform and lead generation tools.

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