Fatih Uysal, CEO at Kariyer.net, the leading job vertical in Turkey, just presented at VirtualRecBuzz2020 on how companies can transform from a traditional job board to an AI-driven HR solutions company.

According to Uysal, Turkey’s high unemployment rate will accelerate due to Covid-19, with major impacts on recruitment marketplaces that can serve as case studies worldwide.

More job-seekers

The Covid-19 crisis has lead to an increase in job-seekers, which requires a solution to meet the needs of more candidates.

“We introduced a candidate-finder product to check and detect all jobs that get less than 30 views in one week, then we intervene and find a suitable candidate from our own database to create a shortlist that is sent to our client. This is all supported by AI,” Uysal said.

The large number of job seekers means an increase in irrelevant applications and a tedious filtering process. The solution is AI-driven matching. This has to be done in a few seconds to control bounce rate. “We use clustering methods and collaboration techniques to show candidates how suitable they are for a job, by providing matching scores to encourage them to apply,” he said.

Kariyer.net has data supporting the success of this strategy, with an 85% increase in high-impact candidates over the past three months.

Online interviews

“A second impact is on interviews. Face-to-face meetings are cancelled. The solution is arranging for our clients to organize live interviews, or submit questions for candidates to record their own answers, or complete a written test,” Uysal said. “However, the blue-collar segment is different so we need an alternative solution for that.”

“Transforming our business was already a priority, but the pandemic increases the sense of urgency. To address, this we employ new technology to meet increases in applications and provide matching scores. We offer new video options and a location-based service for blue-collar workers who need local work, quickly,” he said.

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