Michael Woodrow, President, Aspen Technology Labs, Inc. presented on “using vacancy and jobs data to increase revenues” at VirtualRecBuzz.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a global decrease in hiring across sectors. In the U.S., there are currently 26 million people unemployed and job sites have experienced a dramatic drop in listings.

“But is this a disaster for our industry? I don’t think so,” said Woodrow. “It means there are new jobseekers on your website, helping friends, relatives and people who are actively looking and at home.”

How do you monetize this?

These jobseekers are valuable. Just a few weeks ago employers were saying “where are we going to get candidates from?” Well, now there is an opportunity to introduce yourself and build brand awareness.

How can I do that when vacancies are down?

By posting vacancies from companies that are hiring and as the economy opens up more will do so. There is nothing wrong with posting jobs from others like Walmart or Amazon.com, even if they are not a client because candidates will see you have a site that actually has jobs on it.

But you need to have the content out there. You do this by posting jobs manually if you are smaller. You have visitors coming to your site so you need the jobs to be out there.

Make sure the mapping, filtering and other data is correct. At Aspen, we can enhance that for clients. We give a free trial. Clients can contact us and ask us for specific pools of sector jobs, to help their site provide a better user experience. Our jobs index product is not a paid feed.

I don’t think job boards should be talking paid feeds because it is a rubbish user experience for very little money and you are selling your leads for virtually nothing. You have lost that candidate to an aggregator and lost the opportunity to do to the customer what the aggregators will do.

You want people to come back to your job boards. Google4Job is useful. It provides free traffic with high conversion rates.

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