LinkedIn has introduced an AI-driven, interview-practice tool that gives automatic feedback on video responses from candidates.

The tool builds on a language-processing feature called Presenter Coach that’s built into Powerpoint, the presentation software owned by LinkedIn’s parent company Microsoft.

The new tool lets candidates record responses to common interview questions and offers automatic feedback on responses, as well as recommendations for improvement. The tool offers advice on delivery and pacing and warns users about offensive or politically dicey language and the frequency of filler words such as “basically,” “umm,” and “like.”

For users interested in human feedback, the feature allows users to share videos and invite critiques from their LinkedIn network.

The new feature, which is rolling out globally, builds on LinkedIn’s suite of interview preparation tools, which also includes a list of common interview questions and a video tutorial on interview skills.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site, with more than 675 million members worldwide. Last year, the company pulled in $6.8 billion in revenue.

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