, the leading real estate vertical in Spain, has launched a virtual home staging feature. It works for commercial and residential properties, and can be used on indoor and outdoor spaces.

The tool is a simple photo slider, allowing the user to visualize the contrast between the actual space and its possible furnishings. The news release announcing the launch specified that the tool is for agents, so presumably they have to opt-in to use it, rather than users being able to apply it to any property.

El antes y el después de una casa con Virtual Home Staging

There are similar staging tools available in other regions, notably the United States, but Idealista’s is the first of its kind in Spain.

Spanish property verticals have lost about 25% of their web traffic since Covid-19 shut down the country. Idealista, while the dominant market player, is a stand-alone company (its main competitors, and are owned by Adevinta), which has increased the pressure to find ways to sustain revenue.

The vertical has implemented new technology since the lockdown began, including a search filter for properties that offer virtual visits (about 20,000 out of its catalog of over 1 million listings) and a video visit tool.

Pablo Álvarez Cascos, the company’s technology director, said that although the pandemic added urgency to the need for new tools, “they are technologies that have come to stay and which we will work with from now on.”

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