LeBonCoin and StaffMe have teamed up with the Île-de-France regional council to launch a new recruitment platform. The initiative is meant to kick-start and develop the region’s economy in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With more than 12 million residents, Île-de-France is the most populous region in the country and accounts for nearly a third of France’s GDP. The economic repercussions of the epidemic could be disastrous for the region which, in turn, would be calamitous for the country. The employment platform is meant to be a hedge against economic decline — it already has over 7,000 jobs that link directly to either LeBonCoin or StaffMe.

StaffMe was founded in 2016 with the aim of putting young, self-employed workers into contact with companies looking for one-off projects. So far, the company has raised over $4 million in funding. All temporary positions on the new platform link to StaffMe.

Adevinta-owned LeBonCoin, is the leading horizontal in France and also operates the leading automobile and recruitment verticals in the country.

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