Yurii Novikov has replaced Egor Abramets as CEO of Youla, the No. 2 horizontal in Russia. Novikov will report to Abramets, who was promoted to VP of Ad Tech at Mail.ru Group, which owns Youla.

“I believe Mr. Novikov can successfully manage the project. We have already confirmed our tech priority: it’s time to get the leading position on the market, and Mr. Novikov has the necessary experience to succeed,” said Abramets.

Novikov previously served as Head of Project Monetization at Youla. Last year, the company doubled its revenue to RUB 2.1 billion ($29 million U.S.). Before joining Youla, Novikov led Worki, Mail.ru Group’s recruitment vertical, as well as b-to-c operations at Avito, the No.1 horizontal in Russia. 

“In 2019, Youla’s team launched multiple products, including the first video calls among classifieds, and integration between Worki and vKontakte. This led to the growth in both projects, and the appointment of Mr. Novikov will support their extensive growth,” said Boris Dobrodeev, CEO at Mail.ru Group.

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