The U.K.’s leading automotive vertical, Auto Trader, will cut advertising fees for dealerships starting June 1, the date the U.K. government has said car showrooms can reopen.

In March, the company told advertisers they would not have to pay fees in April and May. The company has reduced those fees to 25% for the month of June. It will also extend its double stock offer until at least July 16, after which the offer will change to a 75% discount. Auto Trader and its dealer customers hope the offer will court pent-up demand caused by the lockdown, leading to a bounce in sales. Buyer sentiment could also be boosted by consumers deciding to avoid public transport.

For customers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, packages will remain free while dealerships remain closed. The announcement does not say if any discount will be offered in July or if fees will return to their normal amount in the future.

Auto Trader said that, during the lockdown period, it has delivered over 400 million ad views and more than 750,000 leads from email, chats and texts to its customers. The company is also investing in a marketing campaign to alert its users that dealerships have reopened. It will also highlight safety measures retailers have put in place to make car buying safer.

However, car sales could also be impacted by stock levels as some dealers may have chosen to keep inventory levels low to minimize overhead during lockdown.

“This recent government announcement is an important step forward for the automotive industry,” said Nathan Coe, CEO of Auto Trader. “We will continue to support our customers, which is now about helping them to sell as many vehicles as possible, which is the focus of everyone at Auto Trader.”

Auto Trader secured £195 million in funding last month by issuing new shares. The funds helped cover the cost of the discounts and ensure that the company would be ready to invest when business returns. The company is due to publish its half-year financial results, which may show some of the financial effects of the lockdown, on June 24.

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