While the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a wave of furloughs and layoffs, it has also left several industries looking for people, knowledge and experience. Companies such as 8vance, a Netherlands-based recruitment firm, have responded by releasing tools to help employers fill gaps in their workforce.

8vance recently launched Jobliebe.com, which focuses on self-employed and temporary workers, as well as job seekers looking to expand their horizons. The company says it can help fill gaps in employment by matching candidates based on skills and competence, rather than job experience alone.

To register, candidates answer a few questions about education and prior experience. They then receive relevant offers from employers in research, homecare, government, logistics, IT and construction.

“By opening up the matching platform, we want to contribute to mitigate the impact of the corona crisis on the economy,” said Han Stoffels, CEO of 8vance.

Founded in 2012, 8vance Matching Technologies BV uses a data-driven algorithm to match employers and job seekers.

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