Xing, the Hamburg-based business network, continues to hold its leading market position in the German-speaking world, beating LinkedIn in terms of active members.

For several years, LinkedIn and Xing have been locked in fierce competition for the top spot in German-speaking countries. New data shows that more than 18 million members now use Xing in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In comparison, LinkedIn is used by around 15 million people in the same region. Globally, however, LinkedIn has around 690 million users.

“Xing’s success is indicative of its importance amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic,” the company said in a news release Wednesday.

Xing is part of New Work SE, which operates one of the largest online business networks in the German-speaking world and has been listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange since 2006.

The company has rolled out several initiatives during the pandemic, including free access to a number of key premium features. Xing E-Recruiting, the business’s largest segment in terms of revenue, also offered free healthcare job ads to medical institutions.

LinkedIn has launched similar initiatives while also reporting a recent increase in membership. In German-speaking countries, LinkedIn added around 500,000 new members to its business network in the first quarter of the year.


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