Avito, the No.1 horizontal in Russia, has expanded its delivery options in response to increased demand for door-to-door shipping services. The company has teamed up with Yandex.Taxi and Russian Post (Pochta Rossii) to offer both local and countrywide delivery services.

Yandex.Taxi will be responsible for in-city delivery, while Russian Post will deliver goods around the country. Yandex.Taxi offers delivery in less than two hours and is currently available in larger Russian cities.

For deliveries outside of these cities, Pochta Rossii will handle shipments through its 42,000 local offices. Once the buyer pre-pays for delivery, sellers receive a unique number to use at the Russian Post office, which allows them to skip tedious paperwork. So far, over 140,000 deliveries have been completed using hte service.

“To help grow our internet sales, we now offer seamless integration of our digital channels with business processes and implement the innovative solutions across all 42,000 departments of Pochta Rossii,” said Artem Stepin, director of marketing and product development at Russian Post.

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