OLX-Brazil, the leading Brazil-based horizontal, has teamed up with Bradesco, one of Brazil’s largest commercial banks, to offer real estate financing.

OLX-Brazil said financing from Bradesco will be available for both existing homes and new construction in the next few weeks.

Users will be able to get a quote and see their financing options online, reducing a step in the sales process. Bradesco expects to increase monthly real estate financing leads by 20%, though it didn’t disclose a timeline for the projected growth.

Octavio de Lazari Jr., the CEO of Bradesco, said OLX-Brazil and his company worked together to design an API that offers data protection and ease of use.

Marcelo Dadian, real estate director at OLX-Brazil and a former Grupo Zap executive, said low-interest rates and a recovering real estate sector make it a good time to buy a property in Brazil. Dadian estimated 14 million users search for real estate at OLX-Brazil every month.

OLX-Brazil announced in March that it had bought Grupo Zap for BRL 2.9 billion ($540.1 million U.S.). The deal is still pending approval, which is expected to come through in the second half of this year.

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