David Doctorow, the CEO of Move, Inc. and Realtor.com, wrote an op-ed in Forbes this week calling on real estate professionals to fight racial inequality in housing.

The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis policewas far from the first case of racial injustice in this country, but it sparked a collective outrage and forced many of us — myself included — to examine and reflect on what we can do to make a real difference,” Doctorow wrote in the paid-for posting. 

He then recommended several areas where real estate professionals could help promote racial equity in housing. This includes creating work “cultures that encourage and celebrate diversity,” building technology that doesn’t perpetuate housing discrimination, and getting involved in community and professional groups to advocate for fair-housing practices.

Last week, Rich Barton, CEO of the U.S. homes listings site, Zillow, wrote a memo on the same theme entitled, “Racism has no home here. And we can and will do more.”

Barton focused much of his message on actions the company is taking to promote racial equity, including the formation of nine employee-led “affinity networks,” including Billow, which focuses on Black employees.

Other steps outlined by Barton include donations to racial-equity causes, a corporate endorsement of a new fair housing bill in Georgia, research and education to “illuminate the historical inequities and discrimination that plague the housing sector,” and the support of a housing search tool in Zillow’s home base of Seattle intended to help homeless people get housing.

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