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Who saw this coming? Just about everyone. Glassdoor and Indeed are slowly becoming one. Even as they say they are “remaining separate with distinct brands and operations,” the companies are moving closer together.

Both companies are owned by Recruit Holdings Co. Ltd., which bought Glassdoor in 2018 and Indeed in 2012. Indeed is the No. 1 recruitment marketplace in the world and Glassdoor is No. 2, based on global traffic rankings.

The companies today announced a partnership that “will give our clients access to an unmatched audience representing more than 80% of U.S. online job-seekers across industries, education levels and years of experience.”

Job postings on Indeed will be available on Glassdoor as well. The company did not directly answer a question about whether packaged ads would effectively be a price increase or decrease, but said “in the current economic environment, simplifying the offering is more important than ever.” Spokesman Scott Dobroski said both companies’ sales reps will “guide employers through the pricing during this transition.” (Translation: “Probably a price increase.”)

In May, Glassdoor laid off about 300 employees — about 30% of its workforce. Almost 200 of them were from a sales office in Chicago, and another 81 in California.

Today’s announcement made no mention of layoffs, pricing structures or whether each company would be selling into the other. Dobroski told the AIM Group in an email interview that sales will be a focus of the new cooperative agreement.

“Both companies will work closely together win the areas of sales to streamline the employer customer experience while leveraging the unique strengths of each platform,” he said. “Indeed’s strength is in jobs and Glassdoor’s strength is in employer branding and employee insights.”

Indeed and Glassdoor have operated separately since the Recruit acquisition. “We’ve made a lot of progress recently and we’re looking for to exploring more opportunities to accelerate innovation and growth,” Nolan Farris of Indeed said in that company’s post.

The joint operations will “further improve the talent attraction and hiring process for employers,” Glassdoor CEO Christian Sutherland-Wong said. “The combined strength of our two brands will help employers tell their story and hire quality candidates at scale easier.”

Glassdoor said employers will be able to access reviews and ratings on Glassdoor and Indeed in the Glassdoor employer center by fall. “This will allow employers to better understand current employee sentiment and workplace culture, provide them deeper insight to influence job-seekers researching their company, and help them engage with candidates applying and interviewing for open jobs.”

It will provide “greater hiring efficiency and streamlined experience.”

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