Youla, the No. 2 horizontal in Russia, has expanded the functionality of its services vertical, as well as added a video stories tool. At the moment, Youla is ranked the second within Russian horizontals, with more 32 million listings and 26 million monthly visitors as of June 2020.

Starting this month, users can put out a call for a service and receive quotes from contractors. While users can post an unlimited number of queries for free, contractors are limited to answering 50 posts per day. Contractors can upgrade to the paid service, which starts at RUB 95 ($1.33 U.S.) per day, and receive unlimited responses.

“Queries will simplify the contractor search process. Instead of the personal search, people only need to place the query and choose an appropriate contractor,” said Igor Danilov, head of product at Youla.

Youla also recently launched a video stories feature to help sellers promote their products. This was added on to the site’s existing photo stories feature. Stories are available for one week and are visible to both store subscribers and other users in close geographic proximity to the seller. All content on the stories feature is moderated before posting.

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