Group, which owns Youla and Worki, has published its results for Q2 2020. EBITDA for the company’s New Initiatives segment, where Youla and Worki are housed, dropped 65% year-on-year.

In May 2019, Group acquired 51% of Iconjob, which operates Worki. By the end of 2019, had acquired the other 49% of the jobs platform. The company acquired Worki with plans to integrate it with Youla, the group’s general classifieds product. 

“Regardless of the difficult economic situation, Youla records a 25 percent growth as compared to Q2 2019. The proportional level of losses declined. The activity of classified’s users returned to the pre-quarantine level. In 2020, we expect Youla’s revenue to grow to RUB2.7-3 billion (~$37-41 million U.S.),” comments Timofey Sobolevsky, Head of Communications at Youla.

Worki pulls in around 1 million visitors per month, according to SimilarWeb. Youla, the No. 2 horizontal in Russia, has around 26 million monthly visitors and 35 million listings. Group made a series of other acquisitions last year, including purchasing 50.83% of video ad platform Native Roll, and the complete acquisition of Relap, a recommendations platform. The total price of the two transactions came to RUB 2.1 billion ($29.4 million U.S.).

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