Youla, the No. 2 horizontal in Russia, has launched an e-store tool for small and mid-sized companies. Avito, the leading horizontal classified in Russia, already offers a similar service.

“With the launch of Stores, we plan to attract small and medium businesses to our classifieds because they are tending to move online. Unlike alternatives, the launch of the store at Youla doesn’t require considerable time and financial investments,” said Egor Danilov, head of product at Youla.

The store features at Avito and Youla function similarly. Both allow businesses to brand their virtual storefronts and gives them access to customer analytics. Users can subscribe to stores and receive a notification when a new product is available. But whereas Avito works on a variable pricing model based on functionality and number of listings, Youla’s stores are available for a flat RUB 949 ($13 U.S.) per month. 

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