Webmotors, the Brazil-based automotive vertical, plans to launch its dealer CRM product in several Latin American markets, a senior executive told the AIM Group. WebMotors is jointly owned by Santander bank (70%) and CarSales (30%).

Chief marketing officer Rafael Freitas Constantinou said the product, called Cockpit, allows dealers to manage listings, leads and financing under a single product.

In Brazil, WebMotors has about 14,000 dealers using the CRM product.

“We’re launching the Cockpit product in five Latin American markets. We’ll start with Colombia, then Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay,” he said.

Constantinou said Webmotors will license its product to dealers in those countries. It will use approved local auto verticals to help it offer the product.

Local auto classified verticals would also be able to integrate the product into their platforms, which includes all Santander Consumer Finance products. “It’s an open tool, which can be integrated to the local classified sites,” he said.

The executive said regional verticals allowed to offer the Cockpit product include NeoAuto in Peru, which is owned by media group El Comercio and Santander, El Tiempo’s CarroYa in Colombia, and CarSales-owned verticals ChileAutos in Chile and DeMotores in Argentina.

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