Angola’s foremost real estate classifieds, has launched Legal Support service to help buyers through the challenges of property purchase.

With their knowledge of the Angolan real estate laws, AngoCasa Legal Support service will help buyers identify, solve or avoid problematic scenarios that could pose future constraints to their property of choice. 

This will be done by investigating different aspects of the legal status of the property in question and the legitimacy of the seller. The result of this process will inform the decision of the buyer.

In some parts of Angola, legalization of properties in favor of third parties and non-legalization in whole or part is very common and would pose problems for unsuspecting buyers.

Hence, the introduction of Legal Support service to ensure any property sold via AngoCasa is owned by the advertiser or seller and can be legally transferred to the buyer at the time of purchase.

This in the long run helps buyers save time and money.

AngoCasa Legal Support service comes in 3 packages: basic, which costs $173; standard, priced at $347 while the premium package goes for $1300.

While the basic package only covers verification of the legal status of the property, the premium service is a full package which includes execution of tax payment, deed of purchase and sale, property registration in favor of buyer and delivery of legalized document to buyer in buyer’s name.

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