As part of a growing suite of services for newly-built homes, Zillow has rolled out builder ratings and reviews.

The buyer-generated content will be displayed on builder profiles and new construction listings, according to a Zillow statement. New homeowners will be surveyed about their overall experience, the quality of their home, builder responsiveness, and whether they would recommend the builder to other buyers.

Zillow says the reviews address a market need. According to in-house research, 76% of new-construction buyers say reputation is very or extremely important, Zillow states.

“Zillow was founded on the core value of ‘turning on the lights,’ arming consumers with the information they need to make what will likely be the biggest purchase decision of their life,” said Lucy Wohltman, VP of Zillow New Construction.

Zillow has added several services for buyers and sellers of newly built homes in recent years. The company’s Promoted Communities product allows builders to promote their companies with builder profiles, “Community Pages” that showcase multi-home projects, and an automated booking widget that allows site users to arrange tours of sample homes.

Zillow has tied its builder services in with Zillow Offers, the company’s IBuying arm. It launched a home trade-in service in the fall of 2019, allowing consumers looking for a newly built home to sell their existing homes directly to Zillow while postponing closing up to eight months while the new home is finished up for move-in.

Zillow reports that interest in newly constructed homes rose dramatically this spring and summer. Page views on those listings were up 34% year-over-year over the last four months, while activity in July rose 81% year-on-year. 

Builder Ratings and Reviews are available on all paid new construction listings of builders who opt in. Builders will be allowed to feature reviews on their profile pages, while adding their own responses to reviews.

The review feature is facilitated by a third-party vendor, Avid Ratings, which already works with more than 25% of the top home builders in the U.S. and Canada, according to Zillow. 

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