British auto vertical Cazoo has opened a customer center in Manchester, England. It’s the first of 16 centers offering collection tools due to open across the U.K. by the end of the year.

The company, which previously operated entirely online, said this wasn’t a U-turn in its business model. In a statement, Cazoo said the sites “form a key part of its storage and distribution infrastructure as well as providing its customers with a local collection option and servicing facilities.”

Customers will be able to search for cars and purchase vehicles online. They can then collect a car at the center or via home delivery. Both options retain Cazoo’s key offerings of delivering a car in as little as 72 hours and a full 7-day money back guarantee.

In July, Cazoo announced it had acquired Imperial Car Supermarket, which gave the vertical access to 16 retail locations across the U.K., and over 2,500 new and used cars in its inventory.

In an interview with Automotive Management ahead of the opening of the Manchester facility, Cazoo founder Alex Chesterman said that opening customer centers “was part of a plan to bring Cazoo closer to its customers and expand a distribution network.” The company eventually anticipates that the company will have around 24 distribution centers.

He also confirmed that alongside the Imperial Car supermarket sites, “other retail locations had been acquired separately.” Around a dozen of the sites scheduled to open by the end of the year will be those previously owned by Imperial Car Supermarket. Locations expected to open in the coming weeks include Wembley, Bristol and Cardiff.

Chesterman said sourcing vehicles had been a challenge in recent months with stock levels falling from about 2,500 in mid-June to 1,500 in recent weeks but said “I’d like to think we could get to 4,000 or 5,000 vehicles in stock by the end of the year.”

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