AutoScout24, the leading auto vertical site in Switzerland, has launched a car subscription service, providing an alternative to leasing or purchase as vehicle subscriptions are trending worldwide.

The new service will allow consumers to select a vehicle of their choice for a set monthly payment. Consumers pick a car online — the company has around 65 models on offer and contracts last between three and twelve months. The price includes scheduled servicing, insurance and replacement tires. The car subscriptions are offered by third-party providers.

“We always want to gain new market knowledge in order to develop valuable offers for both our users and our partners,” said Pierre-Alain Regali, MD of AutoScout24 Switzerland. “These days car subscriptions clearly offer the most straightforward form of driving, the user practically doesn’t have to worry about anything.” said car subscription services are gaining in popularity across the globe. “The trend of car subscriptions is promising and is therefore also noticeable all over the world,” added Regali. The company is currently analyzing demand for vehicle subscriptions in Switzerland in order to develop their services.

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