Japanese recruitment marketplace operator Dip Corporation (TSE: 2379) has unveiled a plan to invest Y9 billion ($85 million U.S.) in companies pertaining to artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and HR technologies.

DIP Corp. first moved into HR tech development last year with the launch of its robotic process automation and AI division.

“As part of the vision of developing into a labor force solution company, DIP, in addition to its core personnel recruiting services businesses, has started to develop the AI / RPA business,” the company said in a news statement.

“DIP seeks to further strengthen its ability to find valuable projects, as well as enhance the process of examining these investment opportunities.”

The company’s sales sharply dropped 24% year-on-year to Y9.1 billion ($86 million) during the quarter to May 31. Net income fell 26% to Y1.9 billion ($18 million U.S.).

Tokyo-based DIP Corp. currently generates revenues from four recruitment marketplaces: job board BaitoruNextBaitoru, a job board for part-timers, Hatarako for temp staff and Iryo-De-Hatarako.net, a job board for nurses.

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