The number of listings on YesAuto’s German car-buying platform has increased more than fivefold since the site went live in the summer. There are currently 625,000 listings on the site, up from around 120,000 in July.

The company rolled out its services earlier this year in order to offer a “one-stop online shop” for buying cars online, promising simple procedures and positive user experiences for customers.

“We know that buying a car is a significant investment for many people and is often a long and sometimes exhausting process,” said Maureen Qu, business director Germany at YesAuto in a press statement. “We want to make the acquisition of a used or new car as pleasant and efficient as possible for end consumers and dealers.”

YesAuto, which also operates a U.K. site, aims to improve the German car market for buyers and dealers. The platform connects potential buyers and sellers directly. Users can configure and compare vehicles from most manufacturers and receive current offers from verified dealers in their area.

More than 700 dealers are using the site with the marketplace aiming to make customer contact and lead generation as easy as possible. YesAuto provides various services, such as a match analysis that connects buyers with the right car and dealers. Other services include an instant messenger tool and a lead tracking tool.

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