Cox Automotive’s division has unveiled a product that helps dealerships with online video marketing.

Called Connected Video, the product uses Cox Automotive’s data to reach in-market shoppers watching connected television — for instance Apple TV or Roku — and other online channels such as Facebook and YouTube. It can send video ads across any device or network, according to a news release.

Cox notes that traditional TV ad campaigns miss “cord cutters,” the growing cohort of young people who don’t subscribe to cable. Cox points to research showing that 74% of 18-34-year-olds don’t subscribe to cable or plan to cancel their subscriptions. 

Because SmartTV is online, the product can target individuals according to their Internet usage, including their shopping history on Cox Automotive-owned and, the company said.

“It’s not just about being on the right video platform, it’s about targeting the shopper, not the device,” said Wayne Pastore, vice president and general manager of

The new product is similar to’s video-ad service, FUEL In-Market Video, which it introduced earlier this year.

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