HeyCar Germany has rolled out a ‘buy online’ service in a move that will ramp up competition in the German market, which has long been dominated by rivals AutoScout24 and Mobile.de.

The service is still in the early stages with HeyCar’s website currently listing around 80 cars that can be purchased online. At the moment the buy online service includes only off-lease vehicles from Volkswagen Financial Services, but the company plans to expand its offering in the future.

“After the successful start of our leasing service, we have now launched an online solution for cash purchases and financing, initially with off-lease vehicles from Volkswagen Financial Services,” said HeyCar CEO Reinhard Schmidt in an interview with Automobilwoche.

“The first dealers are currently involved as delivery partners. Overall, our offers continue to grow so that they offer added value for retailers, manufacturers and captives,” he added.

HeyCay launched in 2017 with financial backing from Daimler. The company’s shareholders include Volkswagen Financial Services, Volkswagen AG and Daimler Mobility Service.

The startup has quickly established itself as one of the leading car verticals in Germany and offers 300,000 vehicles from around 2,000 dealer groups. Unlike Mobile.de and AutoScout24, HeyCar only lists vehicles that are under eight years old and have less than 100,000 miles on the clock. Earlier this month, HeyCar teamed up with Paris-based financial services provider RCI Bank.

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