SberAuto, the Sberbank-owned Russian automotive vertical, has launched a chatbot that helps users purchase mandatory third-party liability insurance, as well as comprehensive insurance packages.

Users can choose one of 15 insurance providers. The purchasing process is fully online and takes no more than 10 minutes. After the purchase, the insurance license is e-mailed to the user and updated in the traffic police database.

This update is in line with Sberbank’s larger vision for SberAuto. For a client, SberAuto works as a convenient dealer who doesn’t try to sell something but instead helps to understand the entire process and facilitates the client along his purchasing journey,” Oleg Golubtsov, CEO of SberAuto, told the AIM Group in July.

SberAuto is a comparatively new vertical on the Russian market. It launched in April 2020 on IOS and Android — it doesn’t have a web version. The vertical’s promotion is made mainly through Sberbank’s client database.

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